Aboriginal Art Paintings

Aboriginal art paintings have become extremely popular in Australia now days. Visit any house and you are sure to see an aboriginal painting adorning the walls of the house. The only difference is that these paintings are way too expensive than the regular paintings that you can get at art exhibitions.

Also they have an ethnic touch to them, which makes them extremely special and unique. The oldest forms of aboriginal paintings are the aboriginal art bark paintings. These paintings are quite different from the regular paintings because they are on the tree barks, which are not so easy to preserve. All that the nomadic tribes had were colours.

But they did not have access to any paper at that time. Hence, they painted on tree barks, which have today become an object of desire. Most people from the urban elite preserve these bark paintings and show them off to their friends and relatives. It has become a status symbol for many in the country to possess aboriginal bark paintings. Another form of aboriginal art paintings are the aboriginal sand paintings.

The nomadic tribes, which dwelt near sand dunes or the great sea, initiated this form of art. If you wish to know anything more on this form of art, all that you are required to do is simply click on this link and get all the details. All that you ever wanted to know about aboriginal sand paintings and bark paintings are here on this website.

There is also an entire section devoted to aboriginal art sculpture paintings and indigen art, which are extremely costly. Each painting commands a price of more than a thousand dollars, which is not easy to afford.

A unique form of painting, which has not yet been discussed, is the aboriginal dot painting and art. These paintings are a craze in other countries and most art connoisseurs’ swear by it. In fact most art galleries in New York display these paintings much to the desire of the audience and art lovers.

Well, in case anything is left out on aboriginal art and paintings, you can always visit the innumerable websites on the Internet and get loads of information.